Linksys WRT54G

I’ve just upgraded my WRT54G firmware to v3.03.6 HyperWRT_2.1b1 created by Timothy Jans. Previously, with the default firmware provided by Linksys (v3.03.6) the router frequently hangs. Now, it is rock stable.

Read more about this firmware at

As I search for the solution of the problem, I also stumbled upon a great site, dedicated to the particular router:

Kudos to Timothy Jans!

Funny Thing (And A Pain In The Ass)

I have tried like 7 times to contact netmyne for a quotation for their server hosting service. The answer is the same for the last 6 times – we’ll fax you the quotation. However, today I had a different experience where the CS officer gave me a reseller number to call. Weird. Server hosting reseller. Does TMNet has to resell everything? I called the reseller and the reseller promised to call me back. Let’s see how long this will take.

The funny thing is when I refer to the HANDBOOK FOR MSC-STATUS COMPANIES where inside it (page 7 to be exact) there’s a list of available IP providers. The book also brag about IP Infrastructure and Service:

“Companies can be assured of a direct, high speed, reliable and seamless Internet connection to Japan, US, and South East Asia with minimum aggregate bandwidth of 400Mbps.”

It goes on and on and on. I feel that MDC is really taking things too lightly. The so called “Bill of Guarantee” is just a list, not really an implementation.

This is really a disappointment, especially for International companies that need good IP infrastructure and services. As a Malaysian, I am embarassed of this fact.

Signing off…

Connection established

For the last two months, I have been struggling to access the Internet – my wireless broadband was not reliable. At first I thought that it’s because my area is at the edge of coverage (as the folks at Jaring warned me) but later found out in some forums that even users who live next to base stations are having very much the same problem. I don’t blame Jaring, maybe they’ll improve the service by time but I can no longer afford to wait. It was devastating having to wait 5 minutes for a page to load.

This morning, my Streamyx subscription is finally activated. I can say that now I will probably update my Internet stuff a lot often.

I recently found out a very nice tool from Google called Picasa – a simple but powerful image editing software. Coupled with hello, I can publish photos to my blog with just a few clicks! Storage of images is handled by hello/google/picasa so you don’t need to upload the images anywhere. Give it a try, I have already fallen in love.