Tired of Programming, True or False?

It’s been a while since I updated this site. I’ve been quite busy with some programming tasks, both at work and at home. I know, I’ve told some friends that I am finally tired of PHP programming, but taking a dive back into C and Java gives me a pleasant feeling and satisfaction.

At work, I am enhancing a software written in C, utilizing Bloomberg API. The software basically sits in the middle of a live server, and the bbcomm server (Bloomberg Communication Server). It requests data (quotes, historical data, volatilities) from bbcomm, and transmit them to a live server. Initially it was made to transmit using TCP but because of the latency we’ve been experiencing, we decided to transmit the data using UDP packages. Requesting and receiving the data from bbcomm is still in TCP mode, as it’s connecting to localhost where we have our Bloomberg traveller installed. UDP mode helps, as it does not wait for ACK packages from the live server but with one problem – some packets gets lost. This is not a big issue since this is only a backup feed. Come to think of it: Mike Bloomberg is currently the mayor of New York (the 108th mayor of NYC)! – My boss told me that. It is truly amazing what a Bloomberg Traveler Terminal can do. A page full of information, cleverly laid even with the lack of space; plus it comes with a communication server installed. Neat!!! *The image on the left is the real Bloomberg Terminal. What we use is the Bloomberg Traveller software.

At home, I’ve downloaded Sun’s Wireless Toolkit and use it with netbeans. I am writing a J2ME program – my first try with Micro Edition. The details about this software is still a secret; I’ll post it here when I am finished. The intriguing thing is that I can later run it on my brand new phone. The WTK comes with an emulator, so that I can test my program on a phone-like interface. Tres cool. All of these new protocols/specifications like MIDP, OBEX really turns my lightbulb on. I am also reading on GRPS, GSM, 3G, etc. now. Looking forward to learn these nowadays. *Please ignore the screenshot, it is taken from wikipedia – I run only Linux now. 😉

PHP? Well I will continue on completing a web app I have been writing since a few months ago – I’ve stopped for quite a while.

With all these programming tasks I realized that at heart, I have a passion for programming. Yeah I admit I am a nerd. 

Around the corner is my 2-year wedding anniversary on 28th of November. Still planning for the special occasion, if our banks allow it 😉 Otherwise it looks like we have to wait for a while until January as then hopefully we will have extra Ringgit.

That’s all for an update. With the busy schedule I have no idea when I can update again.

Until then, cheerio!