A Busy Weekend

I have just finished a busy weekend. Went to pick up my Mom ~400km up North East and ~400km back, and sending her off for Hajj at Kelana Jaya Hajj Complex.

Today I was dead tired, but unable to get any sleep due to the fact that I slept early the night before and woke up quite late in the morning.

And in about 40 minutes I will have to be at work, on night shift for 9 hours.

My web development client has been pressuring me, and on Thursday I will be on flight to Langkawi for the company trip. With so many events they planned for the trip I imagine that I will not be able to get so much rest after all.

Tonight at midnight will be our 3rd year anniversary and I have nothing prepared. Hopefully I can manage to go to a good dinner tomorrow night for our anniversary.

Still dead tired, hopefully I will get through the night without any problems and get back home at 7.30am. Usually that’s not possible as there were so many things to finish at work.

A close friend of mine said that when she feels tired and out of sleep, she’ll say to herself that she’ll have lots of time to rest/sleep when she retires. I said to her: what if the reaper comes and takes you before you retires? Oh well that’s so “chicken and egg“.

Oh well, at least I have a nice job. I have to learn to be thankful for that 🙂

Power Chip By Eneco

mi_faq_clip_image002.gifHave you ever dreamed of a self-charging laptop, handphone, pocket PCs, iPod? Well, Eneco might just have the answer. The newly designed chip can generate electricity from heat. If electricity is supplied to the chip, it will drop in temperature.

How cool (hot?) is that? Just imagine lying at the beach while your iPod lays beside you with a weak battery, charging by just heat from the sun. Perhaps when indoors, you can use body heat to supply energy? For example, put it inside your bra for 5 minutes and get power for 30 minutes? 😉 Sounds funny – but wouldn’t it be cool?

Read more about it here.

The most intriguing part for me is that the possibility for a device to run endlessly without even a battery. Devices generate heat – maybe instead of using cooling fan we can pipe heat to the chip and generate enough power to use the device itself? Of course, a starter would be needed if you want to turn it off sometimes. But they has already thought of that.

Shut Up, Shiro!

ShiroIts a tiring day and I wish to lie down on my bed and relax for a while. I almost dozed off when the neighbours dog started to bark like crazy. The dog is usually left at the back of the house most of the time, whether its hot or rainy day. My wife called him Shiro (means white in Japanese), like the pet dog Shinchan has.

We noticed that Shiro hardly get any attention from his owner, he was even been bullied by a bunch of street cats recently. I sometimes feel sad when on certain nights I heard him whining sadly as he was left outside in the cold to stand the hard, pouring rain. But today I just feel too irate to feel sorry for him as he was barking excitedly at the people gathering in the yard next 2 doors from him.

I think Shiro should be sent to a dog training session so that he can learn when to bark appropriately. Or perhaps Shiros owner should be trained instead on how to take care of ones own pet!

On Pastel and Oil

Large Flowers

My wife was browsing through the MPH and Readers Digest catalogues which arrived in the snailbox today. What caught her eyes are certainly the selections for hobbies and crafts. She was contemplating on buying the pastel and oil painting set.

Based on my readings, a new generation of arts collectors- financial advisor, hedge-fund managers, technology entrepreneurs and others in their thirties and forties has plunged into the world of contemporary art resulting in a great surge in price. And we are talking about millions in the value of $$$. Andy Warhol’s “Large Flowers” is estimated to sell for $6.5 million to $8.5 million, up from $1.1 million in 1989.

If that is not a valid reason to go investing in artwork, then I dont know what else it could be. Maybe with the rusty drawing skills that I have I might not be able to be the next Andy Warhol but who knows in years to come I might be the new George Lindemann Jr. So people, push aside your keyboard and lets start sketching on the canvas or go hunting for newcomer artwork.


RHSince the company I am working for is willing to pay for the training fees + exam fees, I am actually thinking of getting RHCE. However due to the current events that are going on in the office, I will not be able to attend the 5 day training until the early of next year. Time is a big problem indeed.

There will be an RH302 exam available on 24 December 2006 at Training Choice, KL.

The catch is that I have to pass the exam and the company will reimburse. If not, I’ll lose RM1,800.00 (~USD500.00) for nothing. Gulp!

Do You Believe In Fate or Destiny

Do you believe in fate, or do you believe in working towards changing the events that can happen in your future?

       n 1: an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen
            in the future [syn: destiny]
       2: the ultimate agency that predetermines the course of events
          (often personified as a woman); "we are helpless in the
          face of Destiny" [syn: Destiny]
       3: your overall circumstances or condition in life (including
          everything that happens to you); "whatever my fortune may
          be"; "deserved a better fate"; "has a happy lot"; "the
          luck of the Irish"; "a victim of circumstances"; "success
          that was her portion" [syn: fortune, destiny, luck,
          lot, circumstances, portion]
       v : decree or designate beforehand; "She was destined to become
           a great pianist" [syn: destine, doom, designate]

Destiny pretty much have the same meaning.

The problem in believing in fate/destiny is that people tend to let things happen automatically, without even lifting a finger to make it better. IMHO this makes people become lazy and stupid. Don’t give me any preaches related to religion or anything, I am looking into it from a simple point of view.

I think people can work hard and achieve whatever they want in the future. What do you think?

Life After 40

I was watching the second season of Nip/Tuck on the episode in which Christians nose was broken after his acrobatic stunt on bed with a model. Being obsessed with his own good looks, he went to see another plastic surgeon, Dr Jordan who happened to be a sexy woman to ask for rhinoplasty surgery. The tormenting moment for him was when his naked effort to seduce her was in vain after she brushed him off with remarks that he is in need of liposuction. The remarks totally bruised his ego to the extent that he actually tried to perform rhinoplasty on his own without anesthetic. I guess no matter how hard you try to conceal the effect of aging, once you reach certain age, especially in your 40s and 50s those love handles are simply impossible to hide. It’s OK I still have a long way to reach those aging age 😉

With so many Nip/Tuck-related posts I am thinking of creating a category for it. What do you think? Well that’s actually my second hobby/interest after technical things. I am a couch potato. I actually felt really disappointed when Alias ended in season 5! That is why I keep downloading LOST episodes without watching them as I am afraid I will be out of mini-series to watch later when I have the time.

Under The Hood of Microsoft Windows

Process Explorer

For a Linux geek like me, I always feel so much restrained when using Windows, due to the fact that I can’t really get into the internals of the system especially that now I am using Windows on my 2 year old notebook after the storage catastrophe. It looks like hard disks don’t really like to stay with me that long; or is it my own fault for overusing them? Oh well.

While browsing through this post from the F-Secure blog, I found out that Microsoft has bought Sysinternals in July 2006. Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell must be millionaires now 😉

No wonder my friend who have just started today in F-Secure KL talked to me about the cool utilities. Now I know where he hangs out.

There are actually a bunch of tools, categorized into:

  • File and Disk Utilities
  • Networking
  • Processes & Threads
  • Security Utilities
  • System Information
  • Miscellaneous

I’ve actually tried only a few of the tools, which I chose based on my familiarity with the functions.

Continue reading Under The Hood of Microsoft Windows

Remember Dumbo?

DumboHave you ever been ridiculed or mocked for having such bat-like ears, protruding like Mickey Mouse? I remember back then in school, kids used to tease those who fall under such category. I pity them really as the protruding ears are genetic traits like being born with curly hair, dimple chin or blue eyes. For those who really hate their Dumbo ears, a San Jose plastic surgery could help. Check under otoplasty. This is the first time I heard about such term actually. Now the threat to cut your ears for not listening to your mom’s warnings is no longer a joke. They actually do cut the ears to make it less eerie.

Moving Soon

This site will be soon moved to another server due to my expiring account with the current hosting company. In due course, you will not be able to access this site. At that time you may want to open up a command prompt, and as the TMNET customer support always mentioned, flush your DNS cache by typing in this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

And all will be well.

The new home will be cozy, with bigger disk space and bandwidth. So far the support is fine too.

Police At Work

Nothing much in this post, just sharing a photo of the police guys that caused me to be late today. Yes, I start work at 15:00.

The location is the freeway into Putrajaya from Puchong, just before the left turn to Putrajaya. Straight ahead are Dengkil and Cyberjaya. (This road is parallel with ERL lines).

Cyberjaya Cops

Nothing wrong with what they do, it’s their job, just pissed off a little with them 😉

4 lanes becoming 1 lane is too much even for this empty-most-of-the-time road.

No Flasher Here

Im thinking on doing revamp work on my other business related websites especially when its almost 2 years having the same design with not much update. I like what I read on the tips on web design in San Diego.

Professional web design is determined by three things: Cross-browser usability, minimized load times with the use of valid CSS, and valid HTML code that will not have visitors leaving your website due to loading errors. Some web design companies emphasize flash graphics as their main staple to “wow” visitors at first glance. This method gets in the way as visitors navigate and tends to detract from the sales path you want them to take.”

I really hate it when I have to wait like ages to see whats the company has to offer while the flash keep on flashing incoherently, and the design is not related at all to the business identity.

Free KFC For E.T.

I’m not sure whether all of you have ever heard or even knew E.T.? He (it) is an ugly looking creature from a movie when I was a kid.

KFC has recently changed their logo for the 3rd time since it was ever designed. And guess what did they do? They built a massive 87,500 sq ft logo!

KFC From Space

The logo, which are built with 65,000 tiles took 24 days to finish, and is located near Area 51 in Nevada. I’ve tried looking for it in Google Maps but I guess it’s not there yet.

More news can be read here, and here.

Something that I really wanted to know but too lazy to ask:

The late Col Sanders, who died at the age of 90 in 1980, introduced his Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe at his own restaurant in 1939. He went on to run a chain of restaurants and developed celebrity status after appearing in his own, “finger-lickin’ good” TV commercials.

Now I know Col Sanders is not a fictional character like Hello Kitty. 😉

Bye Michael Lai, Hello Zainab Hashim

Zainab Hashim? Who’s that? That’s the new TMNET CEO. Well, acting CEO.

Telekom Malaysia Bhd said in a statement that the company was in the process of looking for a suitable successor as the present CEO, Michael Lai would be leaving his current position to pursue an external career opportunity.

Zainab, who has been with TM Net since 2001, would serve in the acting capacity during the transitional period, the statement said.

She has been with Telekom Malaysia for the last 28 years serving in various capacity and her experience covers a broad spectrum of telecommunications and multimedia business.

Oh my oh my… only one thing comes to mind when a company CEO quits… (use your imagination). I do not need to comment.

As for Zainab, good luck. I really hope that she will be able to solve TMNET woes. Really. Not the other way round.

… as reported by Bernama.