Delayed Yahoo! Messenger Custom Message Updates

Borrowing Google’s term – I have lately been using a flaky connection when connecting to the Internet. What I noticed is that my Yahoo! Messenger list becomes static and no custom messages are being updated. When I looked at my friend’s list, the custom message I set wasn’t showing. I was also not able to see when people get online or offline. I’m using Yahoo! Messenger for Windows.

I’ve tried all that I can think of – changing connection preferences, clearing message archives because I thought they grew too big, and up to the extent of reinstalling the whole application. I even blamed Symantec Endpoint Protection for it.

I found a simple remedy today – disable the “Always sign in to my mobile phone when I sign out of Messenger“. I have always thought that this option is convenient, especially when someone wants to convey a message for me when I’m not online. Well, okay I admit being lazy as this can easily be done by clicking on “Sign in to <cellphone number>” in the menu.

It turns out that the server is confused when you are online/offline so frequently – flaky connection. It’s a bug, yes.

Why am I not using Pidgin? Because I still want to separate my identities with the “send-as” functionality. With Pidgin I always revealed my identities to different group of people, and I don’t like it. I’ll reuse it once this feature is added.

So if you’re facing the same issue and have the option turned on, try to disable it.

Celcom Broadband What Is Wrong With You?

In search for Internet connection for my new home (since it would take a while before fixed line or ADSL will be available), I am considering the 2 largest wireless telco in Malaysia – Celcom and Maxis. They both have wireless broadband packages, and they both have more or less the same overall reviews from users in terms of connectivity and speed. However there has also been reports that Celcom broadband is much more stable and reliable.

Celcom has been promoting their broadband services via the mass media for quite a while, and from the advertisements made it as if they are ready for the service. I expect to go to a Blue Cube outlet and happily leave with a gateway package in my hands. It turns out that they are always out of stock even for the USB device. On Monday a friend went to the Sunway Blue Cube to ask for the gateway package and they mentioned that they still have a lot of stock. On Tuesday I went there and they told me that they are out of stock. I wonder of the package is that popular that they can run out of stock in 24 hours.

Finally I chose Maxis as I have been a post-paid customer for years and I love their customer support. When Maxis says that they have something, it’s rare that I leave with disappointment. Celcom has always made me disappointed and it really made me wonder when I saw this on their website:


Who awarded them the title? A blind and ignorance organization?

And oh yes, look at the package table below. Can you spot anything incorrect? Hint: unlimited price. They are not serious even when it comes to providing the correct pricing table for their product.


Well, everyone knows that TM and its subsidiaries have the “best customer service” around. NOT!

Life Goes On

Once again, I have reached a new record of low monthly posts. And this is one of the very very rare personal post I have on this site.

This post is dedicated to my one and only Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations who is working extremely hard, 24 hours a day to give care and education to my one and only offspring. She is working hard, sacrificing her own life for the little one and I just want her to know that I appreciate it very much. She has to put her business on hold, forget about social life with friends, juggle all those tasks daily and rarely gets rest. I realizes that she is tired like mad and I wish I can do something about it.

Growing up in an inexpressive family, I might not express myself well although I think I am improving well. I am trying hard to lend a helping hand whenever I could, although it’s rare that I can do so.

Right now, I am focusing 90% of my time for the house moving that we are going to proceed in the next 2 weeks.

I just want real badly for her to know that I have and will continue to devote my life to her and the little one. Forever as long as I am breathing in this mortal world.

When the little one grows up a little bigger, I will try my best to get you some time to pursue other interests and businesses you have in mind. I appreciate all the things you do although I can’t say I have given enough compensation. Life is not meant to be easy, so let’s go through this together. It’s going to get better. Amin.