Facebook Glitches

Facebook is an application, so it’s normal that it has glitches and problems.

The first one I saw last week while writing a like button plugin is the incorrect number of likes a like button displays:


It’s obvious there were 4 likes for the post but it randomly displays 2 of my friends. When not logged on, it simply says “2 people like this”.

Next, when creating events the date and time for the events are wrongly displayed on the wall but are correct in the left column box and in the event itself:


Last but not least, there seems to be a privacy glitch. When seeing a friend being tagged in a photo I am able to open the photo but given this error:


Now I am more skeptical of uploading photos that I don’t really want to share with everyone.

I don’t have much time to get into the developers forum, but I can’t seem to find an email address or a function to report such problems to FB.

Do you know how?

WordPress Plugin: Basic Facebook Social Plugins

Today, I saw that Facebook introduced some new features, and one intriguing feature is called “Facebook Social Plugin“. It would be very interesting to have blog posts to be simply “liked”, and having information displayed about activities and recommendations related to your website.

So I decided to take 30 minutes of my break time and write this simple plugin. Since I don’t have much time I decided not to explore XFBML and the SDK as yet. That is why it’s called BASIC. With XFBML, shorter codes can be used, and deeper integration between Facebook and your website can be achieved. I am intrigued, really but I must be realistic.

This plugin is a very simple plugin to embed :

  1. “like” button at the end of your articles/blog posts
  2. activity feed as a widget
  3. recommendations as a widget
  4. Like box as a widget

You can add these cool features with minimal effort.

Most configuration parameters are self-explanatory, but Domain Override simply means you want to display information about another domain instead of where the widgets are hosted. By the way, the widget settings are combined in the Settings > Basic Facebook Social Plugins page.

At this moment this plugin is still waiting to be hosted at the official WordPress Plugin Directory so it can only be downloaded here.

  • Basic Facebook Social Plugins Version 1.0
  • Basic Facebook Social Plugins Version 1.1 * This version will wipe out previous widget settings as it introduces multiple instances of widgets.
  • Basic Facebook Social Plugins Version 1.2

Once available there, a link will be provided. When it’s there, It’s now in the official plugin directory (basic-facebook-social-plugins) so you should be able to install it using the automated, built-in plugin installer too.

You can see the sample for the like button at the end of this post, and the widgets live on this site.

The widgets does not conform to your theme (does not inherit your theme css) but simply bare boxes with Facebook feel. Take note that styling inside the boxes (and texts) are provided by facebook.

Those of you who are concerned about privacy, you’ll be glad to know that your name and profile picture will not just be displayed to anyone:


(This also applies to recommendation and activity box. Only friends will be able to see that you like something.) Facebook has thought of everything.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Shots from Facebook:



Facebook has also written a nice post about social plugins in their blog: Answers to Your Questions on Personalized Web Tools.


  1. This WordPress plugin is written entirely by me, and is provided as-is with no guarantee. It is neither approved nor endorsed by Facebook.
  2. Yes, it is breakable by Facebook if they decide to change the iframe URL.

Kerengga @ Weaver Ants @ Ocoephylla smaradgina

I have no plans to change this blog to an insect blog or anything like that. I am just disappointed with people who are acting like Weaver Ants. The disappointment is greater since most of them are friends.

Image from Wikipedia, Tuancao1

These ants usually live in elevated spaces, most common on trees. Some orchard farmers also use them to protect fruits from predators or even other humans. This brings to the point that the ants themselves does not eat the fruits on trees. They mainly prey on small insects and supplement their diet with carbohydrate-rich honeydew excreted by small insects.

There is a type of human who likes to be nosy and meddle in conversations where they are not even interested in, just to make sure that they look good to others. Most of the time, 90% of what they are talking about are lies to make them look great. Weaver ants don’t eat fruits on trees but if you try to climb the tree or take the fruit they are sure to give you painful bites.

Painful bites = hurtful comments. Can you see the similarity?

Although we should avoid from being friends with these people, it’s difficult if they are already your friends, or even worst they are in your family.

So people, I hope you are not a Weaver ant and just keep quiet when people are talking about something you are not even interested in. Also, minimize those silly jokes while you’re at it. You might be hurting someone, especially the person who is enthusiastic about the topic and eager to share.

This happens to me when I was simply telling my first time experience in mountain biking, where there were many stupid jokes involved. There were also comments like “you will not get thin no matter how hard you cycle”, and “burn 1,000 calories, gain 10,000 calories”. Well, the only thing I get if others decide to join my activities is enjoyable company, and it’s good to have common interests in friends. I understand they are just making those jokes because they can’t afford a RM3,000.00 bicycle (or they keep money to bring along into their coffins when they are dead) and to compensate from being losers in life.

To think that I was not even attempting to recruit people for Network Marketing, made me realize that not all friends are real friends.

Signing off.