Error Compiling djbdns and daemontools

While attempting to compile djbdns 1.05 and daemontools 0.76 on a CentOS 5.5 I received the error:

/usr/bin/ld: errno: TLS definition in /lib/ section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in envdir.o

The problem can be eliminated by adding:

-include /usr/include/errno.h

In conf-cc files for each tarball. Don’t forget to install gcc first, if you have a basic installation.

By the way, please remember to follow the installation instruction for daemontools exactly as described or you’ll end up with the software somewhere undesirable. Well, you can change /package to be elsewhere. I stupidly did it on /root as a test so the svcscanboot process was unable to execute programs in the /root directory. They run as unprivileged users.

Although these software felt like really old-school to me, they have very small memory footprint and runs very fast. If you’re also looking into DNS, consider PowerDNS too, as it has very good statistical capabilities.

Utusan Karya (Saji Magazine) Should Apologize to Mat Gebu


The thing I hate next to bad service is plagiarism. The title above stole my attention, and since it was posted on June 27, the magazine has not responded. Sorry folks, the link is in Malay.

The “Saji” magazine is a food magazine published by Utusan Karya Sdn. Bhd., a company of Utusan Melayu Berhad (a public listed company).

Mat Gebu’s image of a fruit cake was taken, watermark cropped off and printed in page 24 of the July 2010 issue of the magazine.

This is unacceptable and a disgraceful action by an established magazine. Something that should NOT be taken lightly, and I hope he will get some kind of apology and compensation from the company. Well, it’s in a magazine and I doubt there will be a way to get all issues returned. No turning back.

The point is, Malaysia companies, no matter how big they are, we need to let them know that consumers will not just sit quietly and do whatever they want. Come on Malaysians, be strong and make sure we are heard.

p/s – Tak masukkan gambar dalam ni takut Mat Gebu marah. Tengok di link dia ye.