Malaysian Bank to Avoid: EON Bank

I received a call just about 10 minutes ago, from an automated recording system.

Dear customer, you have eight thousand of outstanding amount in the system. Please remit your payment immediately. Press 0 to talk to our customer service

So I did. For the record I never had any relationship with this bank for anything.

The person on the other end was very rude, and he yelled at me “EON BANK!!!” when I asked which bank it was. The automated call didn’t even bother to mention the bank name, as if EON Bank is the only bank in Malaysia.

So he received a “yell back” response. I have already told their customer support so many times that the person they are looking for is no longer using this number. The number is inherited from someone else and apparently it’s attached to the EON Bank credit card.

What to do other than just to say that they dialed the wrong number? But receiving a call saying that you have RM8000 outstanding amount is really a shock to this old man.

EON Bank, you suck big time. I thought RHB is the only bank that sucks in Malaysia. I was proven wrong simply because I have never been your customer.

Don’t bother emailing me, I don’t care.