Everything On The Web Is Public Domain


That’s what an Editor of the Cooks Source magazine told a writer when she called about the magazine taking her 5-year old article and publishing it in the magazine.

If that’s true this blog wouldn’t have been taken down by GoDaddy a few months back because one of the sister blogs hosted in the same account had a copyright infringement issue. The 5-year old post had a picture of a simple omelet which belong to someone else and nobody noticed it until this year.

One of Malaysia’s food blogger had his image taken once and printed in in the Saji magazine. The image was printed in the July 2010 issue and the apology statement only appeared in the November issue.

It’s really funny how people think that everything on the web is “public domain”. Or it can also be a simple response in order to stop the caller from asking for formal apology statement or making monetary claims, in hope that the writer is easily intimidated and not knowledgable in law.

A nice thing about what happened for Monica Gaudio is how wide the issue is being covered in the web. People shared the issue and soon they found out that the magazine has taken a lot more from others even from commercial blogs. Hey, it’s public domain right?

This is what I was trying to do when I wrote about how Mat Gebu’s image was stolen. In hope that Malaysian become more concerned and care about others instead of their selves. But I guess it’s just not working in Malaysia where people don’t really value work by others, and everyone claims that they can do whatever the other person is doing. In the end, everybody in the business loses and the cheapskates and freeloaders win. When workmanships are not priced right, everyone in the same line of work suffers.

Source: Mashable – Web Shames Magazine for Plagiarizing Blogger’s Article

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