Sleep Issues & Noisy Meleis

In 2006, I wrote about how I think I suffer from Narcolepsy. I’m still suffering from the same issue, and I can’t get any doctor to confirm the condition. Living in Malaysia, I don’t expect much since the doctors will always say it’s nothing until it’s too late and you’re on your deathbed.

Now that I have a son, he is also suffering from the same issue. Living in a Meleis community it’s really hard. We’re always suffering from sleep deprivation due to the noise generated by inconsiderate people.

Noisy mufflers from modified cars, loud maids, and insanely long renovation noise are what we have to go through every day.

It’s Hari Raya Korban and for some unknown reason they decided to tie up a cow in front of my house. Both of my neighbors, left and right, aren’t home. I think they went back to their hometown for Hari Raya.

When I reached home last night I was shocked to see the cow. I thought of releasing the cow or killing it before morning so that they will not make any noise in the morning, slaughtering and cleaning the cow. But I didn’t. I used my brain.

I am sympathetic to the cow as it has to stand in the rain the whole night. I wonder whether Muslims are supposed to do that. I have always thought that the cow to be sacrificed needs to be pampered and taken care of properly before the ceremony. But hey, they are not simply Muslims. They are Meleis. Right?

I prayed that they will just move elsewhere for the actual killing of the cow. But in the end – they didn’t. They didn’t use their brain. They killed the cow in front of my home when the resident’s association president home is just a few homes away, and the RM1.2 million house has a huge yard. Why the RM1.2 million house? I think he’s paying for one part of the cow. They could have done it there as we’re on the same road stretch. So they dig a hole They didn’t even bother to dig a hole so all the blood went into the drain clogged with dry leaves and a lot of people came, laughing, shouting, and kids crying. So why did they choose to do it in front of my house? I have no idea.

In the end we all only got like 4-5 hours of sleep and we feel like shit. Those Meleis, just drove away grinning with their meat. Perhaps they are full of satisfaction from killing a cow and they think their korban is accepted.

This is why people always prefer to do korban at the masjid or surau. It simply makes sense.

But hey, everyone else does not understand as this is not a common problem. Kids will be so tired after a day at the daycare, and parents go to sleep after sex. Who cares about the kids. Fathers will go to sleep after a hard day’s work, and so do mothers who prioritize their work before the kids.

Maids take care of the kids. Which is insanely funny. Maids are supposed to take care of a house and not kids. Kids should be taken care of trained nannies. I hope that these parents will be sent to the old folks house when their kids grow up.

I am not looking for any sympathy. But I am looking for a support group, if any. It’s hard in Malaysia where people are generally selfish and the only interest for everyone is to make themselves look good. They’ll hide their problems and weaknesses as long as people respect them and think that they are cool.

You decide on what term you want to use for these people. You decide. I’m sick and tired. My only prayers is to be able to leave this area and live somewhere else, where people are much considerate to problems of others.

By the way, Meleis think that the older they are the more they deserve to be respected regardless of how they behave. Meleis also think that if it’s Islam related, everybody will understand. Well guess what, Islam doesn’t teach people to just do what you like and everyone will be OK with it. That, I am sure.

It’s damn hard for people to care about others these days. We just want to be left alone.