Baik Punya Cilok


On Xmas day, went to watch Baik Punya Cilok at TGV IOI mall. Yeah, I know the cinema there ain’t that great but it’s less crowded and make my life simpler.

It’s a new movie era. Afdlin has once again made a great movie. Sure, some people may not like the type and style of the movie. Then again, not everyone have the same taste. As for me, I watch everything; with of course preferences to certain types.

Sure, this movie is not as huge as Puteri Gunung Ledang, but it portrays life as we see it. It’s a light movie where you can enjoy laughing with your loved ones.

Thumbs up to Afdlin for this movie. Now I am waiting for Buli Balik which is scheduled to be released on 26 January 2006 ( Enjoyed Buli very much, but I watched it on Astro…

Too bad I missed Why You Still Fat. Did they record the show?

Jangan beli cetak rompak woi, camner industri filem negara nak maju…