Big Money

I nearly fell down off my seat when I logged on PPP dashboard today. Right at the blogger Dashboard I see an opportunity valued at $1,000.00. Thats right, my friend – a thousand American bucks!

This is a very good example of the effect of the new segmentation system. Bloggers are differentiated by their rankings in major Internet ranking services such as Google Page Rank, Alexa, and Technorati. Advertisers can specify what kind of blogger they want to write a post about them.

Although I am quite disappointed that I cant take the $1,000.00 opportunity due to the high requirements set by the advertiser, I must agree that its just fair.

I also found out that PPP is charging only 35% service fee (transparent between PPP and the advertiser, not on the post offer) compared to a painstaking 100% markup such as charged by ReviewMe.

Furthermore with PPP, it does not matter whether you have high or low traffic. As long as your blog is active and have certain number of posts within a few months, youre in. This is not the case with many other blog marketing systems where they require the most ridiculous rules and the strictest terms while concealing the fact that the post is sponsored.

Yes, PPP requires that disclosure is made by bloggers so that visitors realize they are reading sponsored posts. This way, post credibility and quality are maintained, while observing honesty and integrity itself.

However due to my lack of time I doubt that this blog will increase in ranking any time soon although I have so many things in my head to write about. Looks like I will never get a chance to write on a thousand dollar post! 🙁