Brutally Betrayed

It hurts when you are betrayed by someone. It hurts more when that someone is an old friend who you really trusts.

As some of you might be aware of I did conduct some PHP + MySQL training in 2005 and 2006 – and of course I made some slides. Not a course ware. For some reason people refer to the training slides as course ware. Oh well that’s still OK.

Back to the story, this old friend was actually a trainer himself, looking for trainers in PHP + MySQL as he does not really give training on the subject. When I first provided the slides, he said to me that he is going to release them under Open Document Licensing which is fine with me since I like sharing. After the training sessions, I heard people mentioning that he sold the slides as “course ware” for RM600.00 – well I forgave him. Maybe he was desperate for money.

Since December, a representative from Iverson called me asking whether I am available for training. Of course, I am not since I am working full time now with a busy schedule. This week, I found out that the Iverson contract was released under OSS for training, and Iverson has already gain possession of my training slides – sold by the “friend” to them. I am going to call Iverson tomorrow to ask for the exact story.

So anyone out there who have been trained in PHP + MySQL and you have a copy of my slides, or it was used during the training not conducted by me – guess what? I never sold my slides as course ware. I would appreciate it if you could inform me. Of course it’s not your fault but this is my mission to find how many places he have sold my work to – without giving me any royalty whatsoever, let alone asking me for permission. I think I wouldn’t have ask for any payment if he asked me directly.

You will see my name on the slides, if he have not changed anything. I trusted a guy too much by giving him the PowerPoint source. It was my mistake after all.

But now, I am pissed. 🙁


4 thoughts on “Brutally Betrayed”

  1. that’s bad, at least he should inform you about his intentions of selling your slides as a courseware.

    I guess he definitely changed your name. You could release your slides to the open under the said Open license to the public as well. that might have detriemental effect on his “business venture”

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