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Recently released, Malaysia latest blockbuster, Cicak Man has been said to collect RM2m within five days. Not bad at all.

The film is generally superhero type, but the twist here is the hero is a very popular comedian in Malaysia; effectively classifying this movie into superhero-comedy genre. If you’re looking for a replacement of the tough and macho superhero Bat Man, the movie is definitely not for you. If you’re looking for a good laugh, then go watch it.

The movie’s website also of high quality, but I am a little disappointed by the Coming Soon message when clicking the link for International Distributor. Yusry might be losing some opportunity there!

The release time is just right. I bet lots of children are asking their parents to go and watch the movie since it is a long school break in Malaysia.

It even have a Wikipedia entry. Official site is here.


3 thoughts on “Cicak Man”

  1. saw the preview on tv with my sisters… all of us laughed so hard saying its a very dumb in a very funny way…

    honestly, that’s exactly what we thought and still think.. just for info, we never watched any malay movie on cinema (aku yg jarang gila tengok wayang)… for us, stupid jokes are not worth the money for the ticket…

  2. Yes. I agree. Sometimes us too have the same dilemma, whether or not to spend our money for Malay movies. However, my intention is one and only: support Malaysia film industry. Perhaps one day when our film industry is mature enough we can be proud.

    As for Cicak Man, I want to see the CG techniques that Yusry deploy, whether or not it is up to my level of preference. Being a geek, nice CG interests me a lot.

  3. blagak btul ikram …. aku pon x pernah tgk langsung cerita melayu kat panggung … no intention at all … tapi cicakman, sanggup tengok lebih 3 kali … aku sokong benda yg berkualiti jek ..

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