Compiz Fusion

Have you seen or used Windows Vista? Like the eye candies and effects that it provides? Wished that something like that is available on your other favorite *NIX OS? Wish no more, Compiz Fusion is here.

This project is a merger between Compiz and Beryl. Beryl was a fork of Compiz, where there was some history on why Beryl was separated in the first place. However that is not in our best interest now, let bygones be bygones. The merger has been announced with the new name, Compiz Fusion. Feast your eyes on this video:

Unfortunate for me, I have no machine powerful enough in terms of processing power and graphics acceleration to test it out.

More info: – down at the time of writing. Perhaps they are building the new site? – original page of the Beryl project

This proves that open source projects can also achieve what the big boys in the industry are capable of doing.