Credit Card Guide

As an expert in spending, and in building up debt with credit cards, I must say that this site Ive stumbled upon is very informative.

There are many articles, for example how to make money using your credit cards, and guide to do a balance transfer. On the site, you can also compare credit cards in UK. I realized that the annual interest rate in Malaysia is quite high! Need to apply? Follow the link if youre interested in 0% credit cards.

An interesting thing is in UK, not like in Malaysia, the annual interest rates are different between different card operators. This means that you can have a choice, especially since you can read reviews about credit cards over there.

I have never tried to do a balance transfer for my cards before. Maybe I should start transferring my balance to save on some interests. Also if youre wondering on the difference between MasterCard and Visa, theres an article about it. It never hurt to increase your knowledge even if you are not interested in credit cards.

I must say though, you must be very careful when using credit cards, as your debt can mount up without you even realizing it. In such cases if you are not sure, such sites as I mentioned above is very useful. You have been warned!