Dirty Promotion Techniques By Mobile Content Providers

More on unwanted text messages via cellphones.

I received a text message from 012 835 3906:

“Jon, video U dgn Jane disebarkan. Cuba htr ON MX ke 36660 skrg. Free reg,tolong jgn pass ke org.Very urgent pls help! Jane call i tadi sampai kelam kabut takut.”

Translation: “Jon, your video with Jane has been leaked. Try send ON MX to 36660 now. Free registration, please do not pass to others. Very urgent! Jane just called me, she is scared and freaked out.”

I remembered hearing something about ON MX in a TV commercial. This is one dirty trick where a pervert or someone looking for “interesting” videos would send in the command and be subscribed to this particular content provider.

I admit the company have a good idea to do this scam, but then again it’s still a dirty trick and I disapprove.

I really hope Maxis or any other telcos will take action to prevent these kind of trick to the consumers. Then again, it’s Malaysia. I tried sending an SMS-to-email via Maxis’ 1503 gateway and have yet to receive anything. 😐


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