Domain Marketplace

Are you running a specific online business, or at least planning to have one? Do you realize the importance of having a good, catchy domain name for your business?

I had several experiences (good and bad) when it comes to buying special domains. Once I was even involved in a fraudulent domain purchase transaction which costs USD10k (I’m at the buying/victim side!) for a very catchy short domain name. Our mistake was that we bought the domain from an ordinary guy, and not from a real company.

It was a dumb decision indeed, and I was strongly involved in the decision making process. Who would turn down such a good deal for a very good domain. Believe me it was good but for obvious reasons I can’t mention it here.

I found a very good marketplace, which specializes in domain buying and selling – They have been around for quite a while now (since 1999) as I researched a bit about them in the Internet.

They provide highly valuable articles as well, such as Five Key Considerations, How To Build Your Brand Online, and E-Commerce Basics for Small Businesses.

In the end, if you bought any domain from, you can also engage with their partners for Website Building. If you’re serious about your business you need to consider making some investments in good domain names and website. Trust me, it’s important.