Fighting Internet Slowness

OK, so you have read in multiple places that you can enhance your browsing speed by using proxies in the South Pacific countries, such as in here and here. If all of those seems to be so technical for you don’t be sad. Simply put, proxies are used to be a intermediate to help your HTTP/S (web) traffic to go through a different route than the normal (congested) one.

But it is a bad idea to browse local websites, for example sites hosted in Exabytes Malaysia by using proxies in other countries as this means the traffic will go there and make a U-turn back to Malaysia. In this post I am going to tell you how to use proxies for general sites, and go direct for Malaysia sites you usually visit.

Indeed, you can just add the sites to bypass in the “No proxy for” box, but this script allows you to specify multiple proxies so if the first selection is down, it’ll try the second one.

The trick is to use a Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) script. This requires a bit of coding at your side but I believe it is simple enough. You only need to edit 2 lines.

Download this file and put in C:\ (i.e. C:\pac.js). You can open the file with notepad or any text editor.

Now you’ll need to figure out which proxies you want to use, and edit the line:

var proxies = Array('','');

Example 1:

If you need to add another proxy, the line would become:

var proxies = Array('','','');

Example 2:

If you only want to use one proxy:

var proxies = Array('');

(The format of the host is IP:Port)

For the sites you want to bypass (go direct) use this line:

var localsites = Array('','other_site');

Add as much as you want, for example to add another site the line would become:

var localsites = Array('','other_site','another_site');

To determine whether a favorite site is in Malaysia or not, I recommend this tool: It’s not 100% accurate but most of time it works for me.

One word of warning: please do not abuse these proxies or they will cut out our access. Maybe they are trying to do so now. Be considerate and never utilize them to play games.

Settings in IE/Firefox

Follow this screenshot for Firefox:


For IE 6, go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections TAB > LAN Settings > Check the “Use automatic configuration script” and put in C:\pac.js

Hope this helps. It helped me to manage the whole LAN at home 😉