Flowcharts and Diagrams

If you’re a programmer you must know what an UML is. If not, then please go back to school. Now.

I have tried a bunch of UML generators and software before, but never found anything to my liking yet. Most of them are written in Java – slow and buggy. GTK applications seems promising but lack the features and functionalities.

My last option would have to be a Windows application. Windows? Yes, even as a Linux geek I must admit some software run best on Windows.

Looking around the web, I found this cheap amazing tool by Effexis software: sequence diagram. The program runs on the .NET framework, but costs just a fraction of what Visio® would cost you.

This would really look great in my software presentations, if only my clients can understand UML. Nevertheless, it would really look good in presentations and proposals, especially it’s exportable to PDF, Rich Text, and images 😉