Get Over It

Lately in Malaysia there is quite a buzz about Internet investment schemes. The coverage is wide, and it’s even mentioned in the news on TV. Some people intelligently reported the issue to the media and ridiculed themselves by begging the Government and the Securities Commission to help them as they have lost money. Too bad, you lose. Don’t ridicule yourself by speaking to public in TV.

There is nothing that can be done if you have lost money to these scammers. All you can do is weep about it.

These kind of Internet investment schemes and auto surf sites have been around for quite a while. They all operate in a kind of Ponzi scheme where referrer will be paid based on what the sites earned from referee. And when things go bad they’ll simply close the site.

I myself have lost more or less about USD200 to these kind of sites, years ago. It’s shameful but it’s human nature. We are greedy and when it comes to easy money we lose our rational thinking.

My advice to everyone: never get involved. You’ll lose a lot of your hard-earned money to people you don’t even know and you will not get them back. It is as simple as that. Moreover, these sites are usually very good in hiding their identity and it is very hard to trace where the money ended in. There are many anonymous banking facilities offshore, and highly private hosting facilities for their purpose.

The Malaysia Securities Commission has actually published a list of sites which has been identified as bad investment programs. Nevertheless, to be safe just avoid any kind of HYIP, investment, or auto surf. Money does not come easy. You have to work hard to get money.

And always remember to remind or spread the word to your family especially to those who does not use the Internet. This is very important as at more rural areas, some idiots who are simply users will promote this kind of investment to your grandfather, uncle or other old folks to invest their money in these schemes. In the end they’ll lose everything.

This is what happened to the idiot I mentioned earlier who ridiculed himself on TV when he said “what am I going to tell the others who I have helped to invest in this program?“. His intentions might be good, to help others benefit from the program as well but without knowing what you’re investing into it’s just plain stupid to get others involved. And the amounts are ridiculous as well sometimes amounting to thousands of Malaysian Ringgits.

Remember: avoid investing your money in Internet schemes. You have been warned.