HP Digital Camera

In my entire life, I have been an avid HP fan. My notebook is HP, my printer is HP, my Pocket PC is HP, my first ever CD-writer in 1998 is a HP and recently bought an HP rw6828 Mobile Messenger. However, HP’s digital camera products never interest me much, even now. I am not sure why.

HP, not being a leader in digital photography actually has a line of Photosmart cameras, categorized into 3 types: Powerful, Thin and elegant, and Easy-to-use. I am not sure of what category would the camera inside the rw6828 falls into, maybe there’s a hidden 4th category?

I had my eyes on HP digital camera products before, but theres a force behind me that disallows me from reaching into my wallet, take my credit card and buy one of these high-tech devices.

Perhaps if somebody is willing to provide me a test unit, or give it to me as a Christmas present, it ought to change my mind? Id really like to see how its performance and features would compare to my T30. I will not compare it with my DSLR though, as those 2 are totally different devices.

Any owner of HP digital cameras is welcome to let me know of what they think.

This post is sponsored by HP.