I Can’t Take This Noise Anymore

With a baby 20 days in age, the holiday season should be wonderful for my family but it has been totally wrecked by the sound of hammers, drills, and whatever they use for renovation next door. I realized today how stupid the MPSJ approval process must be, without any consideration of peace for the neighborhood. Dust pollution is one thing but the sound pollution is really really bad. Everyday I feel like taking the machete and cut off the limbs or head of the workers.

When I say next door it means next door with a shared wall. US people would call this a condo while Malaysians generally call it terrace or linked house.

I feel that before MPSJ approves any application they should make it compulsory for the local neighborhood to give proper approvals.

I called the Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS) = EPA in USA and they said to call the local city hall. I called MPSJ (city hall) hotline for help, no answer. I emailed them, no answer. I finally sent them a fax but I doubt I will get any fruitful results. The people really have no place to turn to when these kind of thing happens.

If we can, we would have run away somewhere else and if there is no baby I would have gone out somewhere. Anywhere to get peace rather than this noise. This audio file was recorded earlier today and I placed the microphone near my son’s head on the baby cot.

God, please help me have more patience otherwise I might just end up in prison for murder. And son, please forgive me I’ve exhausted my options.