Internet Down V5.0

Yesterday (22nd December 2005, 14:25) a TMNET staff named ANITA called me, she rudely said "I don’t understand what’s your problem.". I have been explaining the problem like hundred of times. I said to her "It’s packet loss.". She said, "OK I will call you back.". I doubt she even understands what packet loss means, and that she will call back. I am even ready to record her on my phone.

Anita: Awak ada buat report dengan TMNET? (You made a report with TMNET?)

Me: Ada (I did)

Anita: Apa problem awak ni, saya tak faham la. Tak boleh connect langsung ke? (What’s your problem, I don’t understand. You can’t connect at all?)

Me: Tak boleh, packet loss yang teruk (Nope, really severe packet loss)

Anita: OK la macam tu nanti saya call balik (OK I will call you back)

And then, nothing as expected. She was rude, and I don’t even want to be a TMNET customer any more. They forced me. Humph…

Right after she called, CFM called me (15:02) to ask for update. I told CFM that TMNET has yet to settle the issue. CFM told me that they are still waiting for action and explanation from TMNET, and that they’ll call me back.

Thanks, CFM. Good job.