Internet Down V6.0

Somebody from TMNET called me again today (26-Dec-2005 14:14) asking whether my Streamyx is working fine. It’s an Indian name so I don’t quite catch it.

She said: Sir, is your Streamyx working fine now?

I told her: I don’t know. I have disconnected my equipment and waiting for TMNET to tell me they have fixed the problem. If I can connect, but can’t use my Internet connection – TMNET will detect my IP and say I use it. I want my rebate! Somebody from TMNET called ANITA called me on 22-Dec and she said she’ll call me back.

She said: OK I will confirm with Anita and call you back.

Hehe… in an email my friend once said that maybe TMNET has bomoh (witchdoctor) service or something. They just do nothing and the problems will fade away… 😉