Internet Down V7.0

Today, at 10:33 Ms. M from TM Point Taipan called me up. She asked for an update. I told her that 2 people called (as in previous post).

Next, at 12:37 the Indian TM Staff (Govinesh, the one who called on 26th) called, and asked whether anybody has contacted me. I told her no, nothing since she last called. She told me that according to the records, some technical people went to my home yesterday at around 15:00. She said that they were supposed to leave a contact card or something.

I told her I didn’t receive any phone call, and no contact card whatsoever. I only noticed a missed call on the home phone (my phone has caller ID) when I arrived at 19:00.

She asked me when can they come, and if anybody will be at home. I told her, no one will be home. She said that’s difficult since they can only come during office hours. I said her I don’t know about that, you have to figure it out somehow. She told me she’ll contact the person Faizal and call me back.

TMNET does not have any engineer working around the clock? I thought a company that size have all the resources.

I tried to terminate the subscription but they insist on trying to fix it.

What the hell are they going to do coming to my house? They probably want to blame my wiring and equipments. Otherwise they can always check at the port with a laptop, can’t they?

The beautiful thing is that I managed to record both conversations on my k750i. Good.