Kerengga @ Weaver Ants @ Ocoephylla smaradgina

I have no plans to change this blog to an insect blog or anything like that. I am just disappointed with people who are acting like Weaver Ants. The disappointment is greater since most of them are friends.

Image from Wikipedia, Tuancao1

These ants usually live in elevated spaces, most common on trees. Some orchard farmers also use them to protect fruits from predators or even other humans. This brings to the point that the ants themselves does not eat the fruits on trees. They mainly prey on small insects and supplement their diet with carbohydrate-rich honeydew excreted by small insects.

There is a type of human who likes to be nosy and meddle in conversations where they are not even interested in, just to make sure that they look good to others. Most of the time, 90% of what they are talking about are lies to make them look great. Weaver ants don’t eat fruits on trees but if you try to climb the tree or take the fruit they are sure to give you painful bites.

Painful bites = hurtful comments. Can you see the similarity?

Although we should avoid from being friends with these people, it’s difficult if they are already your friends, or even worst they are in your family.

So people, I hope you are not a Weaver ant and just keep quiet when people are talking about something you are not even interested in. Also, minimize those silly jokes while you’re at it. You might be hurting someone, especially the person who is enthusiastic about the topic and eager to share.

This happens to me when I was simply telling my first time experience in mountain biking, where there were many stupid jokes involved. There were also comments like “you will not get thin no matter how hard you cycle”, and “burn 1,000 calories, gain 10,000 calories”. Well, the only thing I get if others decide to join my activities is enjoyable company, and it’s good to have common interests in friends. I understand they are just making those jokes because they can’t afford a RM3,000.00 bicycle (or they keep money to bring along into their coffins when they are dead) and to compensate from being losers in life.

To think that I was not even attempting to recruit people for Network Marketing, made me realize that not all friends are real friends.

Signing off.


One thought on “Kerengga @ Weaver Ants @ Ocoephylla smaradgina”

  1. We meet a lot of strange people everyday.

    Its coincidental that you blogged about this because not too long ago, I was in a meet where everyone was talking about how great they are, how successful they are. Which isn’t that bad, but they were so busy praising themselves and giving off hot air that they didn’t stop to listen to what other people were saying.

    I was very stunned. But I’m slowly accepting that its great that I don’t have to meet these people on a regular basis.

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