Mobile Madness


Months ago I did write on how plastic surgeons are going online, advertising their business and some even have online appointment booking facilities!

In this post I am going to write about cell phone deals online, Wirefly to be specific. Although it sounds normal for a cell phone business to have a website, Wirefly offers a high-tech (not to mention well-designed) website. I wish cell phone businesses at my area have this kind of futuristic vision. Well, I see some of them do have websites, but they look ugly and offer nothing for the convenience of visitors and prospect customers.

At Wirefly, you can see all kinds of deals going on, with many mobile providers. Hey they are not bluffing when they say you’ll get free phone. You will get one. Just choose the best deal available and voila! You’ll be the proud owner of the latest gadget available in the market. There’s even a list of top ten free phones. Believe it or not, these are not one of those cheap plastic phone, these are the real branded phones!

I like this phrase: “This cell phone’s price is too low to show”. What about that, I would have never thought of something catchy like that.


On the site, you can also enter your zipcode and be presented with deals by carrier, by phone, or by service plan. It’s so easy you might have to be careful to prevent your children from trying to order from this site.

This is also great opportunity to replace your dying, 5 years old mobile, if you have no time to drive to the shop. Free 2-day delivery is provided via FedEx for phones and accessories if you sign up with a new line.


If you’re worried about security and privacy (providing your payment details, address, etc.), don’t. The site is fully secured, even comes with few certifications such as VeriSign, ScanAlert, and Trust-E.

Any time you click on the “Shop Now” button, you’ll be brought over to a page asking for your zipcode so that the system can find a suitable deal for you.

As someone who loves gadgets so much, I drool over the deals. Too bad I can’t take them. 🙁

This post is brought to you by Wirefly