More On Credit Cards

I was pissed off with a Standard Chartered credit card salesman yesterday as he insistently pushed me to apply for one. He even promised that I would get a Gold card. Well, its not entirely his fault as I was actually pissed off with the banks customer support. Since 6 months back I have been trying to activate Internet Banking for my Standard Chartered account but failed due to some technical problems on their side.

Indeed, a balance transfer would be useful for me since my debt is mounting up but then again I think I shall look elsewhere for advice.

While looking into PPPs open opportunities I see that an opportunity is open to write about credit card experience.

Even though I don’t come from financial background, by now I am almost an expert as a credit card user, enough to know that credit cards are evil ;-). Well, not really. They can be useful at certain times especially if there’s any emergency and youre broke. I believe all of us have in some way crossed through that situation.

What you must always remember when using credit cards is to be moderate and the rule of thumb so far is spend only if you can pay back at least half of the amount when the time comes. If not, interests will build up and you will be struggling to finish off that balance every month when you receive your paycheck.

I have never encountered any sites in Malaysia offering credit card news and advice, but if you’re in the UK this site offer credit card news and credit card advice. Nevertheless the information there is useful as there’s really not much difference – they’re all credit cards!

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