Need Better Hotel Reservation Sites

I am supposed to go to Johor Bahru yesterday (Saturday), for an unpaid wedding photography session for my wife’s client cum school friend but due to some technical problems we have to cancel our trip.

The night before I did researched for hotels in JB via the Internet and guess what I found? Disappointing, really as there are so many sites found by the search engine and yet so little information. Some 3rd party hotel reservation sites don’t have enough information / number of hotels for comparison, some constantly displayed errors that they can’t find the information. Even the official hotel sites are lousy!

For me, what I look for when looking for a place to stay is definitely Internet availability. I am such a geek. You can’t blame me as Internet is now my 2nd income apart from my day job.

I did thought of creating a hotel reservation site for Malaysia, but I think I need more manpower to do that not me alone. I could die trying 😉

I did found some interesting hotel sites when searching. The best in my opinion is Hotel Reservations, conveniently having the domain name

Amazingly, this site is exactly what I wished for. The steps to take are very simple, even a child can do it.

You must first select a city and the dates and room information (how many people will stay). Click on the search button and voilla! a list of available hotels are displayed to you, immediately.

What you can do now is see more details about the hotel especially the amenities and location. There are even checkboxes provided for you to compare between the hotels you are interested in.


One thing that captured my attention is the ability to check how many rooms are left in the hotel! I wonder if they have direct connections to the hotel databases.

Although this is a paid post I must say that I would write about this anyway, especially after being tired looking for hotels. I must admit that this site didn’t help me in my quest for hotels in JB as they are not in Malaysia yet. But this site will be useful when I am going to Singapore next year, as they do cover Singapore.


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