Online Personal Trainer

Among my friends, working out is a taboo matter to mention. Even with free opportunity at work or even with my free passes they will reject my offer no matter what. Its just normal.

After my hard work for about 2 months (September to October 2006) with a personal trainer I really felt a difference in my overall health. I sleep better, I play better, I work better. However since I put working out on hold I began to feel unhealthy again. It’s time to return to gym. A friend at work has already agreed to come along and try it out during weekdays. And during weekends I can go to the gym at the fitness club with my dear wife.

Being a heavily Internet-dependent society, I used to look for health and training related information on the Internet. Most of them are sites with the same info again and again. What I was looking for is the personal touch from somebody who is an expert in this matter.

When I saw an opportunity in PPP related to health and fitness I decided to look inside. Wow it’s what I was looking for (I finally gave up then). A personal trainer who has a blog something like this is very hard to find in Malaysia.

Marcela was in Las Vegas, Nevada for 3 years. Yes the same place where the first series of CSI couch potatoes will now say “Ohhh I know the place”. Now she’s in South Bay, California. If youre over there want to start workout then you’re even luckier since you can find her in person. As for me I have subscribed to her blog and will continuously feed from the information she provides. That’s the best I can do. LV did lost a gem in the fitness arena.

Go ahead and visit her blog, she’s even generously provided information about nutrition among other useful stuff. My favorite is the Daily Tips section which proves that she is serious with the blog.

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