Out Of Time

If you’re always out of time like yours truly, you might want to consider a time management software. I’ve been using a lot of Microsoft Outlook® at my workplace and the built-in calendar is good but is too simple for a hectic lifestyle.

Effexis has a series of full featured time management software called Achieve. If you have been longing for a more complex time management software then this is the right solution for you.

There are 3 versions of the software: Pro, Std, and Goal. Combined, the Pro and Goal version can be obtained together as the Suite package. The software fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook® too but only the XP/2003 version. And since my workplace is still using Outlook® 2000 I think I still have to wait. When we upgrade to XP/2003 I surely will recommend Achieve.

All I know is that my Pocket PC will be packed with calendar items more than before 😉

This post is brought to you by Effexis Software.