PayPerPost Direct

Well well well. PayPerPost has just introduced a new service called PayPerPost Direct (PPP Direct).

If you’re crazy about making money via blogging, blog ads, or anything related then you should really check it out. If you are already a PPP postie then I guess it needs no introduction. PPP has certainly came a long way, and is rapidly growing to be one of the best bloggers’ tool to make money.

PPP Direct is actually a tool where advertisers can contact bloggers directly and offer something to write on. Opposite to the traditional PPP where bloggers must choose opportunities that were offered, PPP Direct offers a direct button or link on your blog for advertisers to make you an offer. Much like ReviewMe, but different in many ways.

First, the revenue margin for PPP direct is very high where PPP charges only 10% of the amount you charge the advertiser. 5% of that goes to Paypal and credit card processing fee. This also means that the advertiser can use their credit card to pay for your post, meaning this is quick and easy for the advertiser. This is indeed very different from ReviewMe which takes half of your hard-earned money. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest advantage of PPP Direct and many people will have positive reaction about this.

Next, you’ll be paid immediately after your post got approved by the advertiser. Yay! And if the advertiser does not approve (or negotiate) your post within 4 days – it’ll be automatically approved. Yay!

You’ll have the ability to negotiate with the advertiser, if you feel that the request is not reasonable or you feel that your post should cost more.

Finally this is my own opinion, but I think PPP staff is more proactive and serious in handling the operations. There are many other services but the services are slow, and the staff and rules are really difficult to deal with.

Go ahead, try it out now! If you are not a member use the link on my sidebar to register. Also don’t forget to check out PPP blog where they made a very very nice video introduction to the service 🙂