Sakae Sushi Lets Mothers Starve On Mother’s Day

Technology is great, indeed but human interaction is also important.

We are sushi lovers, yes. Our favorite sushi outlet in Malaysia is Sushi King.

Passing by Sakae Sushi for many times and looking at the rows of computer screens, we decided to try it out on Mother’s Day at The Curve. While other eateries provide promotions for the special day on 9th May, Sakae Sushi did not bother. But it’s still okay.

After clicking on a menu item, customers are able to choose how many items they want to order, and to click confirm again to avoid making a false order. It’s cool. When confirmed, a big sentence popped up in the middle of the screen saying “your order has been sent to the kitchen!”.

As my better half really loves bento sets, we ordered one of the items called “Unagi and Tempura Bento”.

The sushis looks nice, comparing to Sushi King they have a lot more options for one particular ingredient. For example there were more than one sushi made with Unagi.

After more than 30 minutes and a few plates of sushis later, the bento still had not arrived so I called the waiter and had the order canceled. Bye bye Sakae Sushi. That’s the first and last time we will visit you!

By the way, forget bringing an active toddler to the place as their hot water tap is by the table side and there is no safety feature!

Yes, I could not stress this more. We are very particular about retail and food customer service.

The same thing happened to us last 2 months where my niece did not get her food, at Paddington House of Pancakes in Mid Valley.