Save Your Money In Gold

Last year I had a lot of transactions using e-gold and had some balance I never took a glance of since 2007 arrived. Today I just tried to log in to my account and check my balance. I left it with about $30 and now I have more than $40 in my account (even with the storage fees imposed on the account). This is because the price of gold has increased significantly against time.

This made me think – if there is any bank which do transactions in gold in Malaysia. No I am not talking about safe deposit boxes. A bank which accepts gold in weight, and keep it for you. LOL. As far as I know, no bank does that in the world.

Now you are asking – has Ady finally gone crazy? No, not yet. But imagine that within 6 months my value of gold has increased 50% on its own! Even fixed deposits can’t get you that much within a year 😉

The same amount of money today, will not buy the same things tomorrow. That’s usually the case, with inflation and all. I’m no expert in economics but I guess everyone can think of what they can buy using 20 cents 10 years ago compared to today.