Secret Recipe at The Curve Damansara

My other half and I have always loved Secret Recipe. Among our favorite dishes are the Thai Fried Rice, Vietnamese Beef Noodle, Singapore Laksa, and not forgetting the cakes. It’s a Malaysian brand, and it provides good food.

However we have not been visiting any outlets since a couple of months ago because we had a bad experience at the Jusco Taman Equine outlet. The food was not fresh and tasted weird.

▼ A d v e r t i s e m e n t

On Saturday we decided to have Thai Fried Rice at The Curve outlet because we missed it. However when we tried to order it, the server roughly said, “Tak ada!” (It’s not available!). Well they should at least be more specific whether the menu item has been phased out or they are out of ingredients, or whatever reasons they may have. And the most important part is to say sorry. As customers, we were obviously disappointed because what we wanted to have was not available.

But that’s it. Not a word more from the server. He might also be the manager because he dresses differently from the others.

And so we bailed out. I said to my other half, “So it’s true Secret Recipe has turned bad and becoming worst. Furthermore they are always rude.”. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the guy heard me and rudely said “Dah tak ada, nak buat macam mana. Tak baik cakap macam tu.” (We don’t have it what can we do. It’s not good to say that).

I wanted to turn to him and tell him I was not talking to him but I quickly remembered where I am – Malaysia. A good friend of mine (who returned from the US for the Eid holidays) tried to confront a salesperson at Adonis Mid Valley because she was ignored (the salesperson was sitting doing nothing and not paying attention when assistance is needed), and my friend was asked to leave. Perhaps my friend forgot that she’s back in her own country where the shops and retailers are always correct.

The server did miss the point – they are rude not because something was not available, but because he didn’t greet and didn’t apologize. If he’s really the manager I think the HQ made a mistake hiring someone not bright enough.

It’s funny how the retail and food industry work in Malaysia. We have no choice but to pay 5% service charge, and we get crappy service. I would gladly pay 20% tip for a splendid service.

You know what, it’s all about customer service skills. This is definitely not the first time something is not available at a restaurant but the server should be quick enough to suggest other alternatives and be apologetic about it.

Right now I don’t think I have the appetite to visit any Secret Recipe… maybe some time in the future but definitely not the one in The Curve. Heck, I was not even this disappointed when a roach was in my drink.


4 thoughts on “Secret Recipe at The Curve Damansara”

  1. ah you got a blog rupanya. why post just the note in FB ady. well i am sorry to read about this experience from you. I always eat in SR the curve and in all my visits the service were good. i am not trying to defend that outlet but i think you wen there when the waitress had PMS or if it’s a waiter he aint getting none from his girlfriend. haha

    but i do agree with you in one thing. bad services in malaysia. if it’s bad why pay the service tax? i have a golden rule. if the food can’t be served in half an hour i just leave. cakap la i got a meeting or i am watching a movie.done that to a mamak and pizza hut. the waiters gave me the stink eye when i did that but its not mt problem they have to absorb the loss. dapat la a few free drinks coz i just left without telling them

    go on man.. fight the consumer crusade.

    1. Well I rarely type in the FB notes… they are imported from RSS. Only one or two, which I think are private and should not be opened to the world.

      I don’t have anything personal with SR The Curve so if you like it, it’s fine. I was simply disappointed with what happened.

      Yes we should all be more serious, let them be scared. Problem is, most people don’t care.

  2. I remember that story about your experience in a restaurant with the cockroach.

    What I’m surprised is, is that there is no follow up with the restaurants. Its quite sad that they dont even realise that they are chasing their customers away by their behaviours.

    But somehow the part when he said “Tak baik cakap macam tu” sounds childish. If I were daring enough, I’d reply back to him “Tak nak kawan dengan awak lagi, awak yang tak baik” 😛

    1. Yes Rinaz, it’s difficult. All the restaurants and most brand names do not care about what people think. They still have customers regardless of what happens. That’s what they think.

      True, childish. I felt the same way. Maybe he was possessed with a 8 year old kid demon or something 😉

      How’s service in Italia? Better than Asia?

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