Secure Your Data

It has been a while since I take a look at PPP opportunities since there were not so many things for me to write on. However today I found SecureZip, a new archiving utility with complete integration in Microsoft Outlook®.

SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP

Yes you might say that all of the other utilities already have encryption as a feature but as humans we always look for convenience – because we are lazy. Unless you are not human! Freaky…

What I like about this software is that it emphasizes on data security, and not simply archiving. Other popular products sometimes include a companion or plugin to integrate with Outlook but that’s a hassle to download separately.

Why encrypt your files?

Well my friend, unless you are emailing someone in the local network / corporate network your email will pass through the Internet cloud as clear text! This mean that if someone technical enough like me (I never do this ;-)) sniff your packets and save it, I will be able to read your emails and extract your attachments.

SecureZip comes into play by encrypting your attachments so that even if someone takes the packets they would not be able to unzip it. With current level of encryption technology a person would take years before being able to crack your password. Just make sure you use a strong password/passphrase.

Take data security as serious as you can. Go to to get a copy. Full version is now available and downloading it is very easy – fill in your email and you’ll get the download link immediately after that.

And just to let you know, PKWARE who made SecureZip is not a new player in the archiving arena. Back then in the 90s when I was using MS DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 none of the other GUI utilities exists so I used a lot of PKZIP for archiving my files.