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Have you ever contacted Streamyx customer support ([email protected])? I contacted them last week via email to ask since we are having a latency and timeout problem to one of our server in the UK:


We are an SDSL customer with fixed IP 219.93.xx.xx

Since today morning we are having trouble connecting to our servers in the UK
with IP 213.130.xx.xx and 213.130.xx.xx.

Can you please check with the NOC? There seems to be a lot of delay and timeout.


 — SNIP —
 3 (  115.342 ms  77.547 ms  34.198 ms
 4 (  4.565 ms  5.489 ms  5.111 ms
 5 (  4.384 ms  4.519 ms  4.381 ms
 6 (  4.881 ms (
4.632 ms (  4.855 ms
 7 (  4.645 ms (
4.344 ms (  4.250 ms
 8 (  49.582 ms  48.746 ms  46.674 ms
 9 (  259.257 ms  283.227 ms  263.850 ms
10 (  263.378 ms  263.942
ms  256.492 ms
11 (  267.106 ms (  274.508 ms (  275.320 ms
12 (  276.401 ms (  269.253 ms (  285.870 ms
13 (  280.048 ms  275.816
ms (  325.413 ms
14 (  321.033 ms * *
15 (  355.381 ms *  332.994 ms
16 (  410.462 ms *  394.589 ms
17  * * (  388.540 ms
18  * (  402.156 ms *
— SNIP —

And their reply:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail to TMNet. We apologise for not being able to reply earlier.

Sir/Madam, referring to your e-mail, we would like to advice you to proceed with some basic troubleshooting, in order for us to streamline the issue that you are facing currently.

1) Ping the Default Gateway IP

2) Make sure the modem is ON

3) Bypass fax machine/ lightning protector

4) Stand alone connection, from wall socket to modem (No parallel line)

5) Configure TCP/IP :- IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway & DNS

6) OFF and ON modem and restart PC

7) Conduct bandwidth test from our website as follows :
( or ( However, if the speed is below 60% of the required speed, please reply us by attaching the bandwidth test result (in kbits per second).

Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Department at 1-300-88-9515 (select option 3 for Technical Assistance) if you need further assistance on the troubleshooting above and if the problem still occurs, please provide us the following details for further action.

1) Username :
2)Contact Person :
3) Contact Number
        Home/Office :
        Handphone :
4) Modem Brand :
5) Service Number :
6) IP Address :
7) Subnet  Mask :
8 ) Bandwidth Test :
9) Problem* :
10) Advice** :
11) Remark *** :
12) Best time to call customer :

Please feel free to contact us either via e-mail at [email protected] or call us at 1-300-88-9515 should you require further assistance.

Sir/Madam, we thank you for taking the time to write to us and look forward to serve you better.

Muhammad Hafiz Abu Samad
Customer Care Support,
TMNet Sdn. Bhd.


What the hell? I think these people are simply using templates. We need experts as customer service officers, so that they can tell us if there are any problem in the international gateway or whatever.
Make sure your modem is on? How the hell am I writing emails if I can’t connect to the Internet? Dumb, isn’t he? Only if he replied, "Please contact our technical support for this…" or "Please contact corporate support…" I’d be okay with it. We pay ~RM500 for it every month!
10) Advice**: Quit your job. 

7 thoughts on “Streamyx Customer Support”

  1. Hahaha, well hope this helps, i other parts of the world it goes exactly the same. Nowerdays these mails are (at most providers) handled by call centers, people who not have ever seen a PC other then the monitor on their desk with an application written for them. I am currently using a provider which charges me almost twice as much as other broadband providers around me, but they have a support department without templates, and people knowing what they are doing. I rather pay more, and have good service.

  2. I agree. Only if Malaysia have more broadband provider… I’ll pay even triple for good customer service and technical support…

    To bad Malaysia is shadowed by TM’s monopoly to the phone lines and broadband services 🙁

  3. Ady, actualy i am living in Eindhoven, my ISP is located in Amsterdam though. And no i am not working for Shell. I am not even Malay, just married to one 😉 hopes that makes me a bit Malay as well.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam
    I have Internet package (combo 90) with :

    speed of download is not match with agreement (512kb for combo 2) that in average my speed is 20 kb, so I decided cancel my agreement.
    When I went to TMpoint agency for terminate service, I understand :

    More information agency gave me when we wrote agreement, are not much with this streamyx rules:

    –He said: maximum after 2 weeks install internet, but installed after 3 months.
    –He said: just pay RM75+88 for activation and installation , but I paid this price for 2 time ( one time for line phone and another time for internet).
    –He said: Line phone is one way and other people just can call you, but now I just can call other and other people can not call me. (now TMpoint say have to pay 1000 RM for 2 way- international people ).
    –He said: Speed of download is 512Kbps, but the most of time we can download less than 20kbps.
    –He said: If you want cancel agreement before one year, just have to pay bill of phone ( maximum less than 25 RM per month for remaining months), but TMpoint say for terminate I have to pay all Bill for remaining months (88RM per month).

    Do you think can I take report speed of internet and with agreement complain to government?
    Please Guide me what can I do for terminate of internet. Or where can I send my request.

    Thank you

    1. You can try to lodge a report to MCMC

      However just to let you know that you will never get the published rate (for your case 512kbit/s = 64kByte/s).

      In my own opinion 20kByte/s International speed for a 512kbit/s line is quite alright. That’s around 30% of the published rate. What is your Malaysian speed like? Try downloading something big from and see how fast it goes. When you say 20kb is that the download speed you see from your browser? Browsers normally display in Bytes.

      I have a 2Mbit/s line, and I usually get an average of 80kByte/s International speed (around 30%). The fastest I can get with Malaysian servers is 180kBps (72%).

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