UniFi Phone Call Forwarding

If you’re here to look for the way to forward the phone that comes to UniFi to another phone number, I apologize. I don’t know how. I tried asking TM call center but they told me to call UniFi support for UniFi phone.

For the record every time I try *61*XXXXXXXXXX# the automated voice response is “harap maaf, anda tidak mempunyai akses ke nombor ini”. I think it’s related to a protection so that users can’t simply forward to any number. Protection is good only if there are procedures to follow to make a feature useful. Not in this case.

I created a ticket in the My Support section in myUniFi only to be closed by X1012121 – it’s not even a real name. The ticket was closed without any explanation whatsoever. Nada. Nothing. Nil.

So what they put in their Microsoft SharePoint website Phone (Voice Features) page doesn’t work. At least for me. If you can see any instructions on adding custom phone numbers to the forward list, do let me know. I might need new spectacles.

As a matter of fact, I created a ticket a week earlier about something else and although I specifically asked to be emailed, they called. Maybe the text on their system is too small to read especially the “Preferred communication” field. I don’t know. The annoying thing was that the person kept calling and calling and calling when the call was not picked up.

When the call is not picked up, please call later.

If you’re not going to fully support your value added services, you might as well not offer them at all. I am fully satisfied with the Internet service, but since there are “FREE” added service I thought I might utilize it. Now that I know they don’t work, I’m unhappy.

One thing that really bothers me is that I think they don’t really have an SLA with customers, and KPI to fulfill. Closing tickets without any reason is unacceptable by any standard, not even in inter organization support services.

I will never understand why TM work like this… and I know this post will not mean anything to them. I am just disappointed. Having some exposure on how they do stuff, I think they can do better and generate more profit than now but the mentality is just beyond me.

Malaysia boleh?

Crocs Malaysia Warehouse Sale

I have always been a fan of Crocs shoes because of their lightness, durability and the airy design. As someone who suffers from athlete’s foot since the teen years, airy means better air circulation and dryer feet.

Back in 2009 or 2010 we went to a Crocs warehouse sale in Ikano Power Center in Damansara. It was held in an empty unit next to the IT hypermarket at the top floor. We bought 5 pairs – two for myself and three for my son.

I bought myself an Olive Baya, and a Black Trailbreak.

For my son we bought him a Green Baya, a Batman Cayman and a Crocs Electro.

For other models than the Baya, links are from other websites as they no longer exist on the official website. Maybe they have been taken off production or something.

The purpose of this post is to make sure that if there is any more warehouse sale in the future, and if you’re going, you better thoroughly check the shoes you’re buying.

A few days back, my son was having trouble to put on the Crocs Electro on his left foot. That was weird, and at first I had a silly thought that his left foot has grown more than his right foot. I was surprised to see that the shoes, although marked with the same size, had the left one smaller than the other.

I don’t know how this happened but I’m not happy. Lucky for us we realize this before his feet were bruised more. It is not my intention to accuse anything at anyone but I have to admit that I am disappointed. Knowing Malaysia, we can’t return the shoes especially since it was bought in a warehouse sale. Heck, we can’t even return them if we buy them at retail price.

And of course, living in Malaysia I’m not excluding the possibilities of foul play. It’s how most businesses make maximum profit anyway…

You can see more pictures in the full post.

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Selangor No Plastic Bag Every Saturday

Since January 2010, the state of Selangor where I live imposed a new campaign where no plastic bags will be provided in retail transactions. Note that it’s a campaign and not a law.

While I am in agreement that we need to do something about the pollution and improving the environment, I think this campaign hasn’t been properly thought of.

Retailers everywhere are now taking this campaign into their own benefit. They will save a significant amount of cost in plastic bags. How can we be sure that the money will indeed go to the Corporate Social Responsibility program? A lot of retailers don’t even include the purchase of plastic bags into the receipt. How do they keep track?

Note that Malaysia is a developing country, with undeveloped minds. Some retailers are blindly following this campaign without any use of the brain.

The latest complaint I have is at Papier Love, a local craft retailer at The Curve Damansara. They sell fragile paper products, and they refused to provide any plastic cover. They don’t sell them either. If you know arts and crafts well enough you will know that scrapbook papers are thin and very fragile you can’t even put them in plastic bags. They must be inserted into special plastic cover or sleeves to protect them from being crumpled. In this case the salesgirl cum the cashier didn’t use her brain well and it caused dissatisfaction.

We will never step our foot into that shop again and we will make sure friends won’t too. The brainless girl also looked down at customers when she was repeatedly saying that the piece of paper costs RM8 per piece as if it’s too expensive. My poor wife who is also a craft enthusiast didn’t say anything but that’s the power of assumption from someone who is not good enough to work in retail. We spend an approximate cost of RM1,000 per year for craft products and they will not get any part of that.

For the record, our favorite arts and craft stores are Art Friend in The Gardens Mid Valley and Craft Haven in One Utama Damansara. The staff are always helpful and friendly with a smile (and lots of details). I am not into art and I know nothing but they have never once alienated me and I always feel welcome when I enter their stores.

Another brainless no plastic bag event is at Famous Amos in Amcorp Mall. I was struggling with holding my child (who wanted the cookies in the first place) and when I asked for a plastic bag, the Bangladeshi refused to give me one. That’s one inconsiderate staff there.

What about IKEA?

Hey, IKEA has been imposing no plastic bag so much earlier than the campaign. Nobody really made a fuss about it because IKEA has though of it well enough. They provide good parking with spacious loading area, and the enormous shopping carts can be pushed to the loading area. Plus, their products are big and you can actually hold them without the need of bags. Some products can’t even be put in plastic bags because they are huge.

So, IKEA’s fine.

All images are copyright of the Government of Selangor. If you want them removed, email me.

Tak Nak – Really?

Tak Nak“, literally translated to “Don’t Want” is a tag line for Malaysia’s anti smoking campaign. In true sense it means “Say No To Smoking”. It’s a collaboration between the Government and a few other organizations.

I was lucky enough to have some time to recently visit the National Zoo of Malaysia (locally known as Zoo Negara). For the record, I have not been there for more than 20 years. To my surprise, I was welcomed with cigarette smoke and cigarette butts everywhere. Since it’s an open park people seems to think that it is alright to smoke in public.

The only no smoking sign was found at the corner of the ticket counter, and even then the security guard was smoking 1.5 meters away (welcoming visitors with tobacco smell). I’m amazed on how undeveloped Malaysians minds are.

Yes, I do smoke but I don’t smoke in public attractions or even restaurants where kids and women are around.

I am not trying to make enemies or humiliate anyone, so I will be applying “mosaic” to the faces.

The tiny No Smoking sign is on the glass, top right corner:

Ticket counter B

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TM UniFi Downtime: Exercise Your Rights

If you are a UniFi subscriber, and live in the Puchong (plus Damansara reported by achmatibrahim via Twitter) area you might have already been aware of the downtime since yesterday afternoon (8 December 2010). At the moment I am writing this post, it has been more than 12 hours. TM is not actively informing users about this downtime and all we get is this from their Twitter account:


I have just called the UniFi Center a few minutes ago and the guy who picked up the call was a sales guy. He tried to contact the technical department but he failed. At least that’s what he said. So he promised to call back with a ticket number. I think he will not call me until the whole thing is over. I will just lodge a report with MCMC.

At first, he told me that TM is aware of the downtime and it’s because of server upgrade. That’s a lame and insulting excuse. There is no announcement on the UniFi website.

Please people, if you are one of the affected subscriber please do your part by calling 1 300 88 1222 and insist on a ticket number for the downtime.

Even if it’s one day, for VIP5 package subscriber that’s already RM149/30 = RM4.97 and if every single person as mentioned in the tweet above makes a claim for rebate, that’s already costing TM the amount of RM9,940 in rebates. Don’t take it from TM that “it’s OK to be down if so many people are affected”. We pay for this service.

Don’t ask for a rebate when calling the UniFi Center but ask for a formal report to be done. With the ticket number, go to MCMC website and lodge a formal report. The direct link to the Aduan is here.

We need to send a message to TM that downtime will cost them money. Otherwise it’ll be as usual for every single service we have in Malaysia where we just sit and wait for the service to get back.

We need to make them go out of their beds and work on fixing the issue. I am serious about this. You can do your part.

Yes, I am getting old and like to rationalize instead of rant.


Everything On The Web Is Public Domain


That’s what an Editor of the Cooks Source magazine told a writer when she called about the magazine taking her 5-year old article and publishing it in the magazine.

If that’s true this blog wouldn’t have been taken down by GoDaddy a few months back because one of the sister blogs hosted in the same account had a copyright infringement issue. The 5-year old post had a picture of a simple omelet which belong to someone else and nobody noticed it until this year.

One of Malaysia’s food blogger had his image taken once and printed in in the Saji magazine. The image was printed in the July 2010 issue and the apology statement only appeared in the November issue.

It’s really funny how people think that everything on the web is “public domain”. Or it can also be a simple response in order to stop the caller from asking for formal apology statement or making monetary claims, in hope that the writer is easily intimidated and not knowledgable in law.

A nice thing about what happened for Monica Gaudio is how wide the issue is being covered in the web. People shared the issue and soon they found out that the magazine has taken a lot more from others even from commercial blogs. Hey, it’s public domain right?

This is what I was trying to do when I wrote about how Mat Gebu’s image was stolen. In hope that Malaysian become more concerned and care about others instead of their selves. But I guess it’s just not working in Malaysia where people don’t really value work by others, and everyone claims that they can do whatever the other person is doing. In the end, everybody in the business loses and the cheapskates and freeloaders win. When workmanships are not priced right, everyone in the same line of work suffers.

Source: Mashable – Web Shames Magazine for Plagiarizing Blogger’s Article

The WWW logo is in public domain

Malaysian Bank to Avoid: EON Bank

I received a call just about 10 minutes ago, from an automated recording system.

Dear customer, you have eight thousand of outstanding amount in the system. Please remit your payment immediately. Press 0 to talk to our customer service

So I did. For the record I never had any relationship with this bank for anything.

The person on the other end was very rude, and he yelled at me “EON BANK!!!” when I asked which bank it was. The automated call didn’t even bother to mention the bank name, as if EON Bank is the only bank in Malaysia.

So he received a “yell back” response. I have already told their customer support so many times that the person they are looking for is no longer using this number. The number is inherited from someone else and apparently it’s attached to the EON Bank credit card.

What to do other than just to say that they dialed the wrong number? But receiving a call saying that you have RM8000 outstanding amount is really a shock to this old man.

EON Bank, you suck big time. I thought RHB is the only bank that sucks in Malaysia. I was proven wrong simply because I have never been your customer.

Don’t bother emailing me, I don’t care.

DiGi iPhone Page Has Wrong Modification Date via HTTP

iPhone 4 has just been launched in Malaysia, and I have also been closely following the progress.

Looking at SoyaCincau’s comparison between Maxis and DiGi, I was attempting to load DiGi’s page again. I have done this before.

Instead of talking about iPhone 4 itself, I am going to see why the page is showing me 3GS instead. Yes, I am a nerdy SysAdmin and it’s hard to change.

The page is here http://www.digi.com.my/iphone/getone_want_iphone_payment.html

Here’s the page in my browser:


I was about to blame it on Maxis Broadband’s transparent proxy when I saw that it was a MISS from Squid. And then I saw the modification date is way in the past (highlighted above).

This is not something serious, but just in case you get the old page, clear your browser’s cache and you should be able to see the new page. Or, access it via HTTPS:


Notice the last modified date makes much more sense now.

The technical explanation to this is because your browser sees that the page has not been modified and decided to show you the cache. It’s as simple as that. This may happen because of misconfiguration or something like that but as I said, this is not something serious.

I just hope those who has been seeing 3GS list can now see the updated 4 list.

Have I decided which provider I am going to choose? Well that’s a secret for now…

Maxis Transparent Proxy is Causing Problems to Developers

I had to transfer 2 WordPress blogs to another hosting provider last night, as the free one is going to expire today. It should be as easy as:

  1. Transfer the files
  2. Transfer the database
  3. Change DNS servers in registry to the new DNS servers
  4. Configure the new hosting location

In a few hours after the DNS propagation is finished I should be able to point to the new site. If not, I should be able to use the host file /etc/hosts to point to the new server and make sure it works well.

I’ve had the trouble with Maxis transparent proxy before when it was blurting out random errors to random sites.

Today, even when OpenDNS is already updated with the new IP (DNS propagation has finished), the transparent proxy is still outdated and points to the old server.


I am sure if I call Maxis or even use its MaxisListens Twitter account, they will not even understand the concept of DNS.

The thing with transparent proxy is, as long as it’s HTTP traffic it will be going through it (not HTTPS), and it does not matter if I use a host file.

Oh well. I guess I can’t test this quickly right now except by using an anonymous proxy or connecting to an external VPN. Who appreciates time these days?

BTW, making modifications in domainregistry.my was very fun and it took me more than 30 minutes to modify one domain.

Utusan Karya (Saji Magazine) Should Apologize to Mat Gebu


The thing I hate next to bad service is plagiarism. The title above stole my attention, and since it was posted on June 27, the magazine has not responded. Sorry folks, the link is in Malay.

The “Saji” magazine is a food magazine published by Utusan Karya Sdn. Bhd., a company of Utusan Melayu Berhad (a public listed company).

Mat Gebu’s image of a fruit cake was taken, watermark cropped off and printed in page 24 of the July 2010 issue of the magazine.

This is unacceptable and a disgraceful action by an established magazine. Something that should NOT be taken lightly, and I hope he will get some kind of apology and compensation from the company. Well, it’s in a magazine and I doubt there will be a way to get all issues returned. No turning back.

The point is, Malaysia companies, no matter how big they are, we need to let them know that consumers will not just sit quietly and do whatever they want. Come on Malaysians, be strong and make sure we are heard.

p/s – Tak masukkan gambar dalam ni takut Mat Gebu marah. Tengok di link dia ye.

Some Tips For Fresh Grads

I had to go through quite a significant number of resumes the other day, and here are some tips for fresh graduates out there.

  1. Try to make your resume short. 2-3 pages is just nice, 4 is too many. Skip that section listing your primary school results and hobbies. What good does it make if your hobby is “playing video games”? Unless of course, you’re applying for a Game Developer position.
  2. Employers take an average of 30 seconds to scan through your resume, make sure yours stands out. Put in more bulleted sections and use bold words wisely.
  3. Use professional looking email addresses. Consider something using your own name. Something like [email protected] is nice. Also, it’s understandable that popular names are hard to get so you can try putting numbers in the end. It can be your birth year, current year, or just some random number you like for example [email protected]
    Avoid these examples:

    • [email protected]: too long and hard to read
    • [email protected]: employers are still unsure you can do a good job even if you’re cool. Unless of course you’re applying for a showbiz position
    • [email protected]sexmagnet.com: an actual domain offered by a popular mail forwarding service. A big no-no. You get the idea.
    • [email protected]: is a freakishly long email address, even if it’s your full name
  4. The BEST thing to do is create an email address specific for job hunting. Emails are searchable, and employers might find some activity they don’t like from forums or other public sites
  5. Protect your Facebook page and any other social tools you own. Employers do scour these you know. If you’re sure you have not done anything naughty, it’s fine.
  6. In your cover letter, do not demand for an answer. Instead of “I hope to be called for an interview as soon as possible” try “I hope to be called for an interview to explain my credentials further
  7. When someone has already emailed you to ask for your complete resume, do not use “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” in your reply email. It’s rude. Use the person’s name be it an HR person or a Technical Manager. Also, do not send an email with empty body and only attach a resume in it.
  8. Be firm with your answers. Do not use “maybe”, “I think so”, “Errr…”, or “Can you call back later? I am busy with something”. However if you’re driving you should tell the person calling you and ask for a callback. You are no use to any employer if you’re dead.
  9. If you have bad hand writing just like mine, try your best to write each letter at a time. It’s super easy to confuse an “i” with an “l” or and “l” with a “1” or an “S” with a “5”. When emails get bounced, do you think the employer will try again? Maybe yes, maybe not. Why take chances?
  10. Talk clearly. Even if you were sleeping, once you realize that you are receiving a call from an employer you should wake up and clear your throat. If you’re in somewhere noisy, consider getting away from the noise source if possible.
  11. If you really have to include a salary expectation (not recommended for fresh grads), do not put in a range. Put a maximum expectation and discuss with the employer once a real offer is on the table. 2500-5000 does not make any sense as the range is too wide.
  12. Last but not least, research the company and the position you’re applying for. Get as much information as humanly possible. If you ask “What position am I applying for?” it shows that you’re desperate for a job and are not applying based on your interest in the position. It is okay however, to ask more information about the company.

In summary, when contacted take it as a big opportunity even if you are not a fresh graduate. These days one job opening may have hundreds of applicants, so a simple mistake that annoys employer can mean that your resume and cover letter end up in the shredder. It’s that easy to be disqualified, really.

Always remember that the employer representative communicating with you is a human. That’s the most important thing of all.

Good luck. I hope this helps.

Sakae Sushi Lets Mothers Starve On Mother’s Day

Technology is great, indeed but human interaction is also important.

We are sushi lovers, yes. Our favorite sushi outlet in Malaysia is Sushi King.

Passing by Sakae Sushi for many times and looking at the rows of computer screens, we decided to try it out on Mother’s Day at The Curve. While other eateries provide promotions for the special day on 9th May, Sakae Sushi did not bother. But it’s still okay.

After clicking on a menu item, customers are able to choose how many items they want to order, and to click confirm again to avoid making a false order. It’s cool. When confirmed, a big sentence popped up in the middle of the screen saying “your order has been sent to the kitchen!”.

As my better half really loves bento sets, we ordered one of the items called “Unagi and Tempura Bento”.

The sushis looks nice, comparing to Sushi King they have a lot more options for one particular ingredient. For example there were more than one sushi made with Unagi.

After more than 30 minutes and a few plates of sushis later, the bento still had not arrived so I called the waiter and had the order canceled. Bye bye Sakae Sushi. That’s the first and last time we will visit you!

By the way, forget bringing an active toddler to the place as their hot water tap is by the table side and there is no safety feature!

Yes, I could not stress this more. We are very particular about retail and food customer service.

The same thing happened to us last 2 months where my niece did not get her food, at Paddington House of Pancakes in Mid Valley.

Kerengga @ Weaver Ants @ Ocoephylla smaradgina

I have no plans to change this blog to an insect blog or anything like that. I am just disappointed with people who are acting like Weaver Ants. The disappointment is greater since most of them are friends.

Image from Wikipedia, Tuancao1

These ants usually live in elevated spaces, most common on trees. Some orchard farmers also use them to protect fruits from predators or even other humans. This brings to the point that the ants themselves does not eat the fruits on trees. They mainly prey on small insects and supplement their diet with carbohydrate-rich honeydew excreted by small insects.

There is a type of human who likes to be nosy and meddle in conversations where they are not even interested in, just to make sure that they look good to others. Most of the time, 90% of what they are talking about are lies to make them look great. Weaver ants don’t eat fruits on trees but if you try to climb the tree or take the fruit they are sure to give you painful bites.

Painful bites = hurtful comments. Can you see the similarity?

Although we should avoid from being friends with these people, it’s difficult if they are already your friends, or even worst they are in your family.

So people, I hope you are not a Weaver ant and just keep quiet when people are talking about something you are not even interested in. Also, minimize those silly jokes while you’re at it. You might be hurting someone, especially the person who is enthusiastic about the topic and eager to share.

This happens to me when I was simply telling my first time experience in mountain biking, where there were many stupid jokes involved. There were also comments like “you will not get thin no matter how hard you cycle”, and “burn 1,000 calories, gain 10,000 calories”. Well, the only thing I get if others decide to join my activities is enjoyable company, and it’s good to have common interests in friends. I understand they are just making those jokes because they can’t afford a RM3,000.00 bicycle (or they keep money to bring along into their coffins when they are dead) and to compensate from being losers in life.

To think that I was not even attempting to recruit people for Network Marketing, made me realize that not all friends are real friends.

Signing off.

Forex Trading In Malaysia

It was an interesting morning today, when a friend told me that his brother received a job offer in a Forex trading company in Shah Alam. It was great news that he was able to get something after searching for opportunities for quite a while. However since my niece experienced this more than once, I am skeptical about such companies in Malaysia.

I asked him to check with the Securities Commission and whether or not the company presented an offer letter to his brother.

At first I thought that Forex is administered by the Securities Commission (SC) but I was wrong. When called, SC said that Forex is administered by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

BNM Foreign Exchange Administration said:

In Malaysia no company or individuals are given license to do forex trading except for registered merchant banks

Which corresponds to this List of Authorised Dealers of Foreign Currency. One thing that disappoints me the most is that BNM did not ask the company name, showing that they have no immediate interest in closing such fraudulent businesses.

Signs that a company might be working on something fraudulent:

  • They don’t really have a proper business sign at their office
  • They ask candidates to go to training first, before they provide an offer letter
  • They have options whether the employee would like to be paid based on commission or on a fixed rate

It is a great thing that my friend’s brother told him about it. My unfortunate niece did not share the news with me so she ended up wasting weeks without getting paid. And imagine if the office is raided by the authorities. I wouldn’t want to be a part of that, would you?

So the lesson to learn here is that you should always tell someone about your opportunities, and never immediately trust just any company no matter how desperate you are for a job.

And of course, always get an offer letter first before you start working. This is the most important thing of all, when getting a new job.