Telekom Malaysia New Logo

Just watched the news… Telekom Malaysia launched their new logo. New logo – new attitude? Most unlikely.

It has been known that Telekom Malaysia – a previously 100% government agency never took customers seriously. What? You work in Multi National Companies? Of course, they’ll get millions of Ringgit doing business with your company and they’ll kiss your ass. What about domestic consumers? Most of the times, they don’t really care.

I don’t know why most of Telekom Malaysia employers still feels like they are so secure, and want to adopt the same mentality as public servants. It is sad to see that Telekom Malaysia, a big company, a prestiged company, a ‘world class’ company, have a lot of staff who are idiotic and ignorance…

*sigh* what else can we do, Malaysia?


2 thoughts on “Telekom Malaysia New Logo”

  1. please.. do not sound so negative. it’s not some of us*’ fault that ur life is miserable, u only met the worst in TM.

    * who worked really hard** in satisfying customers’ need.
    ** seriously, really hard.

  2. I know, and don’t deny the fact that some TM people really works hard. Like maybe 1% such yourself. Sorry if I hurt anyone. I was disappointed with the service and (as a Malaysian) was embarassed at my foreign employer.

    This post was in April, when my company was trying to look for a hosting plan and netmyne can’t be contacted. We are looking to pay big bucks, but it’s too bad what happened. We ended up paying the US, EV1SERVERS. They have the best service so far.

    Thanks for your comments! 🙂

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