Telekom Netmyne

Today I reached a place where I can never understand how Telekom Malaysia does it businesses. I tried calling Netmyne hotline 1-300-88-9515 again today at 3.00pm as my superior keep insisting on placing our next servers there.

Once connected, I pressed 2 for English, pressed 2 for Netmyne, and 1 for product enquiries. The AVR (Automated Voice Response) system told me “We are sorry but we are not able to answer to your queries. Please visit for more information” and then hung up. What???? What??? What????

I did visit for like thousands of times, and filled in the form “request for quotation” but nothing happened.

Then, I forced myself to call the reseller again -FaraTech. The person called Azlan is not available. I asked for the mobile number but the person on the line assured me that he will make sure that Azlan will call me back. I gave him my name and phone number. As expected – no response.

I am really disappointed with this. Next I will lodge a report with the consumer forum tomorrow. I can’t help it anymore. Furthermore, as a Malaysian I am embarassed with my employer (a UK company). This is really not expected from a company as big as Telekom Malaysia. Somebody should sue them for their monopoly to the telecommunication market in Malaysia…