United Airlines Versus Malaysia Airlines

I am comparing 2 very different companies, I know. Malaysia Airlines or frequently called MAS is the first Malaysian airline company established in 1937 as Malayan Airways Limited. MAS currently have 81 aircraft in its fleet.

United Airlines is one of the US’s major airline, established in 1926 as Boeing Air Transport. United have 456 aircraft in its fleet.

I am not comparing both airlines either in-flight services or in company size. I don’t really want to talk about airlines but in services in general. I have to admit in terms of comfort and in-flight services I like MAS better 😉 That’s different. MAS have high standards for in-flight services.

While I was in the US, I tried to claim miles for MAS’s Enrich and United’s Mileage Plus. Who knows in the near future I might be able to utilize my points.

On May 21st, I tried to submit my claims for both airlines using their online missing miles utilities and both failed because for some reason my first/last name pairs got mixed up during the ticket purchase. Thanks Marco Polo travels, “good” job.

So I sent them an email each. It took 2 days for United to reply my mail and ask me for details. I sent them the details and by May 24th I received my United miles for the Los Angeles to Boston trip.

MAS never replied until June 16th. That’s almost a month. I was disappointed and forgot about it until yesterday.

So I sent them an email yesterday with my details for both trips (to and fro Los Angeles). I’ll wait and see how long it will take. I also sent an email to United to claim for my return trip from Boston to Los Angeles, and this morning at 10:20am I received my points.

So you see, Malaysian companies likes to neglect good customer service. Simply because there is not so many choices. We have 1 electric company, 1 land-line phone company, 1 consumer Internet provider, and few of each other important services. Monopoly is the keyword in Malaysia, minorities don’t even have a chance. The airline story is just a simple example.

While in the States I was quite surprised with the level of attention and service I received. It was really a good experience. I am not exaggerating, seriously.

I think this is simply because the size of the country, and the number of competitions they have over there. Everyone have to strive to be the best, and in the end everyone provides the best they can.

What do you think?