When Things Are So Easy… Cursed?

I just realized that when things get so easy, I get confused and lost. Last Saturday a friend asked me to help in installing one of these at his home:

Netgear Wireless Router

There was an installation CD with SmartWizard®, which Netgear said should be “effortless”. Sure, it should be, and yet I was thinking in low level networking way – the way wireless routers used to be where you need to hook the network card on your machine and access it via an internal IP address, with a web-based administration interface.

SmartWizard® is supposed to be convenient, it has all the instructions and steps (i.e. take cable off, switch that off, switch that on, enter the DSL login/password) but I can’t seem to find anyway where I can save the login/password to the damn thing.

DHCP seems to be working – it gives the PC an IP of; which logically means that the router have but still TCP connections to port 80 are refused. All I can do was do a nslookup (the router has a built-in DNS where www.routerlogin.com or something like that points to its own internal IP).

Weird. The funny thing is that when my friend brought the unit along with his DSL modem to the shop, the guy over there installed it in minutes. Go figure.

I am starting to think that I am cursed or something like that, since last few weeks another friend had a trouble with her PC and I couldn’t find what the problem was. I disconnected all cables and hook only the monitor, and yet the thing doesn’t even give me a BIOS POST message. When my friend told me that she cleaned up the inside with a feather duster (which is dumb – static electricity) I made an assumption that the thing was broken – and was too busy to look at it the second time.

Just a few days ago she mentioned that the PC is working again – and that the problem was a wrongly connected cable. Which cable? I have no idea (she has no idea). The funny thing is that all cables in a computer system is designed in shapes that it is impossible to plug them the wrong way. Oh well, go figure. I am too tired to think about it.

I don’t think I will respond to any home computer related distress calls from friends anymore. I am too easily stressed out nowadays. Can anybody let me know of a nice and polite excuse to reject requests for help?


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